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Customer’s Voice


“Strawberry Chocolate Robot” Model Suit [Custom-made for personal order]

Custom-made for personal order

We produced a model suit of an original character at the personal request of an individual client. We meticulously followed the design of the original illustration with materials specifically selected for different parts.

■ Category : Costume Suits
■ Title    : < Strawberry Chocolate Robot >
■ Production period :  45 days

■ Production Amount: 2,500,000 yen~
*It will vary depending on the design and specifications.

Customer’s Voice

[1] Background of the order

Transformation has always been one of my vague dreams since childhood. As a working adult, I finally had enough money to specifically realize the fantasy. My plan was to create a bodysuit looking like a monster-like creature featured in my personal special effect movie.

First, I asked an illustrator to create the design and then looked for a creator (or a creative company) to give it a shape. It, however, turned out as an extremely difficult task, as images of complete products by artists accepting personal orders did not suffice my quality requirements at all. On the other hand, most of the studios presenting images of high-quality production which I discovered online did not accept personal orders.

That was when I found Zeppet website. The site was full of images demonstrating the studio’s “professional” mastery. As it said it also accepts personal requests, I sent an inquiry, desperately hoping for a favorable reply.

[2] Comments on Production Phase

Through online meetings held from the conceptual and design phases, the studio closely gave me advices, such as: “We will use this structure for this part,” and “We have eye materials like these – which one would you prefer?” These explanations were very easy to understand for a layperson like me.

Selection of structure and materials were also very easy, as they prepared explanatory documents specifically for this purpose. All these efforts really made a difference, and I feel very grateful. The entire process was closely followed by progress reports and fitting adjustments, so I could entrust the production to the studio with peace of mind.

[3] Comments on the completed product and delivery

“Superb” is the right word for their work. There is no trace of handiwork, as professional quality penetrates the product from tip to toe.

The structure and size are perfectly customized to my body, not to mention the smallest details of the original drawings meticulously reflected in the design. Furthermore, the design went all the way to enable “smooth wearing” without others’ help, for which my reaction was, “Would you go that far just for my convenience?”

In terms of design, wearability, movability, breadth of vision when put on, and all other aspects of a bodysuit are completely covered in the resulting product, which is almost perfect in quality standards. I was very lucky to have my order accepted by Zeppet.

In the future, I may ask for the second bodysuit!

[4] Feedbacks and comments on Zeppet

Thank you very much for your wonderful work. I would like to express my sincerest gratitude for Zeppet and the members taking charge of the production.

We at Zeppet welcome orders from individual clients, too.

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*We are generally unable to accept requests for the creation of works related to copyrighted materials owned by third parties. Please consult with us if you have obtained authorization (in official writing) to use copyrighted works from the rights holder.