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Customer’s Voice


Black-Clear Skull Mech Mask “BIG BABY” – Custom-made for personal order

Custom-made for personal order

We made a skull-themed mask through digital modeling at a client’s personal request.

Based on the rough sketch provided by the client, we directly took charge of the entire process – from design, 3D prototype production and output, molding, color painting and LED mounting to the preparation of an exclusive box to keep the mask.

The black-clear skull part is translucent and illuminated from within. Each part is embedded with magnets and detachable.

■ Category : Costume Suits, Digital Modeling (3D output → molded with molding materials)
■ Title    : < BIG BABY >
■ Production period :  90 days
■ Production Amount: 6,660,000 yen~

Customer’s Voice

[1] Background of the order

Because I was with the company in the past and knew its abilities well, I could not think of any workshop other than Zeppet when it came to producing the highest-quality model necessary for my project.

[2] Comments on Production Phase

It started from a meeting about my rough sketch of the design. Throughout the production, the studio checked with me about the use of the mask and what I want to achieve with the mask.

They provided me with a progress report every time there was a development. It was an exciting experience to be constantly updated with the progress, which also assured me that my preferences were carefully reflected in the design to achieve the design as ideal as possible.

[3] Comments on the completed product and delivery

The resulting product quality, in my opinion, was beyond my expectation. At the time of delivery, they staged an exciting performance and lovingly explained the usage. I am also deeply grateful for their close support at the time of shooting to ensure smooth work in the rushed schedule.

[4] Feedbacks and comments on Zeppet

Zeppet is a studio committed to the world-class quality, which is rare in Japan. I sincerely hope that more people know about Zeppet and experience its ability to make your dream come true.
Thank you!

We at Zeppet welcome orders from individual clients, too.

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