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Although we take orders from clients very seriously and fully commit ourselves to our task, we often receive inquiries and orders severely lacking specificity or placed just for fun due to the nature of our service.
Please note that we suspend our correspondence or service if we find an order or inquiry as merely curiosity-based or too unrealistic.

Special Modeling

The artistically excelling, high-quality finish is practical and esthetic at the same time.
The range of procedures involved in the production process is most extensive in production categories.
Based on your request, our experienced expert proposes a rough production outline.

*Reference price for “Animals As Art: Polar Bear Family”:
20 million yen (for initial production only. The cost for subsequent commercial production is 14 million yen)

Typical Fee:

from 150,000 yen

Costume Suits

01Hero Suit

The suit consists of a helmet, a bodysuit with shoulder parts, manifers, shin pads, gloves, boots, and an inner suit.
The suit bends well at the joints without tearing, and the parts are designed to stand the shock of collision with other parts without damage.

Typical Fee

from 1 million yen

02Body Suit

The suit consists of a headgear, a sleeved body, trousers, gloves, and boots.
Optimum management and maintenance allow frequent use over years.

Typical Fee

from 800,000 yen

Digital Modeling

013D Data Production

We build 3D data based on rough designs and other materials. Our 3D designs are characterized by years of manual experiences in special modeling and object production outside digital practices.

Typical Fee

from 300,000 yen

023D Output → Cast Products Made of Modeling Materials

Based on the 3D data provided by the client, we print out objects with our 3D printer. We can either deliver the output or replace it with special models made of materials suitable for different uses.

Typical Fee

from 500,000 yen

Animatronics & Robots

We create display robots permanently installed at amusement parks, cultural facilities, lobbies, etc.
They typically feature pneumatic cylinder motion powered by servomotors.
We custom-make individual elements like lighting, sound, visual, and other effects, as well as take charge of the overall production, such as the control of the display area and the entire facility.

Typical Fee

Unit Price of the Robot :
from 8 million yen /
Total Price of the Facility Featuring the Robot:
from 20 million yen

Mass Production

For the mass production of figures, we can take charge of the entire production process, from the prototype production to the delivery of the mass-produced goods (please see our production flow).
Backed by years of experience in the character industry and based on the silhouettes created by our prototype artists, we can produce all sorts of characters.

Typical Fee

from 2 million yen