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/ Special Modeling

We produce special and original models not commercially available.
From exhibits and stage props to characters and storefront displays, we produce models in strict accordance with their specifications. Our 3D printer enables us to achieve creative production in meticulous detail. We promise a high-quality finish that is practical and beautiful at the same time.

Special Modeling Types

  • Filming Models

    Props we prepare for films and stages are designed with close attention to user safety.

  • Display Models

    We create models with materials suitable for display venues, whether outdoor or indoor.

  • Realistic Animal Art

    We have brought together our special modeling expertise to develop an original realistic animal series called “Animals As Art”. Presently, we produce sleeping and lifelike “Polar Bear Parent & Cub” and “Clone Wanko”, custom-made figures looking exactly like the clients’ pet dogs.

  • Memorial Modeling

    From the production of full-scale cast metal statues to three-dimensional portraits of existing people, we produce various human models. From a metallic statue of a deceased hero to an artistic work, we produce figures in accordance with a wide range of indoor and outdoor specification requirements.

3 Strengths of Zeppet in Special Modeling

  • 01

    Customized Models Materializing Your Ideal

    We custom-make extremely detailed items, items with special specifications, or original items not readily available in the market from scratch at your request. By discussing the designs in detail and closely responding to your needs, we bring your idea into reality.

  • 02

    Professional Material Selection

    In “Animals As Art”, our original series focusing on realistic presentation of animals as art pieces, we use silicon composition exclusively designed to reproduce the authentic elasticity of real skin. Our attention also goes to other materials, such as coats imported from a Hollywood manufacturer. We pursue the best material for each specific need.

  • 03

    Combined Use of 3D Printer

    We are the only studio in the industry equipped with a high-definition large-scale 3D printer, which always stands ready for output. Furthermore, we make casts from 3D outputs to produce molded objects with FRP, metal, silicon, latex, and other materials by utilizing our skills in the traditional modeling practices.

/ Costume Suits

There are plenty of occasions where costume suits are required, such as films and TV ads, as well as events involving interactions with visitors, and they need different designs, structures, materials, and techniques matching their respective purposes.
Backed by years of experience and accumulated skills in production, we create costume suits perfectly meeting client’s needs.

Costume Suits Types

  • Body Suits

    Zeppet has been creating countless body suits, which captured he audience's heart through calculated design of facial expressions and eye lines. Many TV programs featuring characters in body suits choose us because we are obsessed with lively expressions of the characters and prioritize design handiness and material durability.

  • Action Suits

    Action suits and special masks used in films and stage performances have different production processes and structures designed for different purposes, ranging from films, where quality appearance matters most, to action scenes, requiring durability in extreme movements.
    Our experienced staff know how to create characters oozing coolness with photogenic proportions.

  • Special Costumes

    Extravagant costumes worn by stage performers, fictional attires in movies, and other “dream” costumes are often not readily available in the market. The craftsmen must have the techniques to convert images into design and incorporate tailoring and modeling skills to make the image a reality. We create one and only costumes made possible by our years of experience and our ability to precisely respond to unique needs.

  • Headgears

    From special helmets, masks, and animal heads to an extremely bizarre TV-shaped head, we create all sorts of headgears, regardless of whether they feature simple designs or are equipped with detailed mechanical gimmicks, in accordance with the client’s purpose and budget.

3 Strengths of Zeppet in Costume Suits

  • 01

    We Produce Special Suits for Different Purposes

    From body suits of local characters already popular among the residents, and action suits for superheroes, to high-quality suits equipped with animatronic mechanisms to move like real actors, we create suits of your need within your budget.

  • 02

    Attention to Durability and Safety

    Because costume suits are worn by people, durability and safety meeting different situational requirements are essential. Zeppet’s special suits are designed to comfortably fit the wearer even the wearer moves a lot and repeatedly uses it over a period.

  • 03

    Rental Suits Are Available

    To respond to the need of a suit for a single use or the need to minimize maintenance cost, we offer some suits for lease.
    Presently, a realistic brown bear suit featuring animatronics and an astronaut suit are immediately available for lease (from 1,000,000 yen per lease). We are planning to increase the variety of rental items in the future.

/ Digital Modeling

We are the only modeling studio in Japan equipped with a high-definition large-scale 3D printer, ready to take printing orders.
From 3D printing by done byour inhouse CG andVFX department, making of figures designed for production with optical modeling machines, and preparation of 3D modeling data for objects, to 3D printing as the final output, output to create casts.
We also accept orders far beyond the scope of regular 3D printing services, such as the production of molded objects made from materials not suitable for 3D printers.

Digital Modeling Types

  • Digital Processing

    At Zeppet, we can add various digital effects to the visual data of models, such as blinking or gleaming eyes, subtle movements, and detailed color adjustments impossible for physical animal models.
    We do so by filming objects without gimmicks and having our expert digital creators work on the video, who add blinks and adjust colors.

  • 3D Modeling

    With the extensive use of ZBrush, 3dmax, and other CG software, we produce 3D modeling data. We respond to a wide range of requests, from models for visual works to production of modeling data for output.

  • 3D Painting

    On the monitor, we digitally paint on 3D data.
    Digital simulation of colors and textures, as opposed to physical simulation on actual models, enables producers to examine extensive possibilities and serves as a guideline for the actual coloring process.

  • 3D Printing

    At the end of 2015, we introduced Objet500 Connex, a high-end 3D printer by Stratasys, a 3D printer manufacturer. We have established a system to take orders involving the 3D printing process.

3 Strengths of Zeppet in Digital Modeling

  • 01

    Introduction of a High-end 3D Printer

    We were the first in the Japanese visual art industry to introduce Objet500 Connex, a large-scale 3D printer by Stratasys. Stratasys’ 3D printers boast nearly 50% of the global market share and were used to produce suits for the Hollywood’s popular “Ironman” series. The machine has been increasing its presence in creative industries.

  • 02

    From Modeling to Output

    From the preperation of 3D modeling data by our inhouse CG & VFX department to final 3D output using the large-scale 3D printer, we integrate the entire production process, thereby reducing the time-consuming trouble of ordering and distributing budgets across different companies for different processes and enabling a smooth realization of the precise image.

  • 03

    Adjustment after Output

    3D printed objects are often too hard, heavy, and difficult to process further, reducing its use to limited purposes.
    At Zeppet, we make casts from the outputs and reproduce them with different materials. From latex, FRP, and urethane foam to soft silicon, we can produce objects with materials unsuitable for a 3D printer.

/ Animatronics & Robots

Production and delivery fully customized to the site of installation, including the automated audio and lighting systems, is available together with after-purchase maintenance contracts, management and regular checkup services. We have been successfully taking orders from Asian countries outside Japan as well.
Through collaborating with our internal/in-house CG & VFX departments, we can add various effects to gimmicks. Our strength lies our the fully integrated service covering every production phase, ranging from designing up to post-production processes.

Animatronics & Robots Types

  • Animatronics for Filming

    Animatronics is a coined term combining “animation” and “electronics”. Animatronics are made of various mechanisms and drive parts embedded under the soft skin of fictional characters and creatures to add lifelike expressions and movements. The technology has largely been replaced by CG nowadays, but the rare technique is still in demand where interactions of CG characters with real actors are difficult or when specifically required for production purposes.

  • Animatronics for Display

    Unlike animatronics for filming, which are only used while the camera is rolling, animatronics for display need to be able to ceaselessly repeat movements and remain functional throughout its display period. In line with these requirements, we produce, operate, and manage dinosaurs, animals, historical figures, mechanical robots, etc. for amusement parks, cultural facilities, and permanent exhibitions.

  • Exterior Production

    We produce a wide range of exteriors, both soft and hard, for internal mechanisms and parts provided by clients. Our years of experience in production allow us to produce an exterior which does not interfere with the mobility and maintenance of internal mechanisms.

  • Controlling Systems

    We develop systems to control the internal mechanism responsible for robot movements and performances, as well as the control system for lighting, image projection, sound effect, and all other effect elements of the facility where the robot is installed. To maximize the dramatic impact, our production goes beyond building of a simple controlling system.

3 Strengths of Zeppet in Animatronics & Robots

  • 01

    Environment Facilitating the Pursuit of Reality

    Through the synergy of our modeling expertise and collaboration with our in-house CG & VFX departments. We can accurately verify the effects of gimmicks on PC. The combination of analog and digital skills enable addition of various effects, such as blinking eyes, mobile tentacles, and other additional parts, etc., achieving more realistic robot expressions.

  • 02

    After-Purchase Maintenance and Management Services

    Because robots are embedded with precision machines, they require post-delivery support services. We accept requests for mechanical management contracts, including our attendance at the site of installation in case of mechanical troubles, regular maintenance, etc. You can rest assured that we look after your robot even if you have no knowledge of it.

  • 03

    System Operation Suitable for Client’s Needs

    When robots are included in the display, various display conditions and restrictions may be applicable, depending on the purpose of use. At Zeppet, we propose systems and designs, including robot exteriors, which meet all conditions of the venue and client preferences. Upon careful consultations with the client, we prepare a robot that perfectly matches the operational conditions.

/ Mass Production

A character presented in 3D format can be an absolute driving force at product presentations and as a project symbol. At the production of commercial goods or toys, a standing figure is indispensable as a tool to examine the finishing quality of such goods.
We can take charge of the entire production process, including planning, proposal, production, and delivery. We also produce figures based on 3D modeling data, which skips the clay model process and speeds up correction works.

Mass Production Types

  • Prototypes

    We create high-quality models catering to various genres, such as regular standing figures, figures with movable joints, statues, life-size busts, soft vinyl figures, etc. In addition to clay models, we create prototypes featuring 3D modeling in collaboration with our CG department. 3D printer output is also available.

  • Figures

    We provide an integrated production service both for miniature models used as candy toys, etc. and large-scale garage kits by directly taking charge of all production phases from development to distribution. We are also capable of high-quality, one-off productions utilizing special materials, which are not aimed for mass commercialization.

  • Mass Production of Various Items

    Through our direct collaboration with overseas factories, we have established a low-cost commercial production system.
    Mass production is available for different types of figures.

  • Sales

    We offer extensive support for the promotion of mass-produced product distribution, including package design, ad production, PR activities, etc. Based on our experiences in product development, we propose distribution options optimized for the current market.

3 Strengths of Zeppet in Mass Production

  • 01

    Mass Production at Low Cost in Collaboration with Factories in China

    Traditionally, mass production at a plant in China typically requires the involvement of agents in Japan or Hong Kong.
    Today, however, such involvement may only increase cost. Our order channels, directly connected to plants in China over years of order history, are one of our strengths.

  • 02

    Prototype Production Using Clay or 3D Modeling

    In addition to traditional clay prototype modeling, we can also create prototypes using 3D modeling.
    The 3D modeling prototype can be output from the large-scale 3D printer installed at our studio. If necessary, the prototype is ready for mass production at the studio as well. We propose the best production method suitable for your purpose and preferences.

  • 03

    Collaboration with Creators and Prototype Artists at Home and Abroad

    Leveraging our external connections, we are able to recruit popular artists and renowned prototype artists leading the subculture trend at home and abroad. We deliver creative products featuring the latest trends that can satisfy keenest collectors.