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Customer’s Voice


Sparrow Mask – Custom-made for personal order

Custom-made for personal order

We produced a sparrow mask at a personal request.
To reflect the client’s request to make it look like a traveler, we created something to go with the Japanese wear and a traditional sedge hat the client has prepared.

■ Category : Costume Suits (Mask)
■ Title    : < Sparrow Mask >
■ Production period :  20 days

Customer’s Voice

[1] Background of the order

I have been looking for a studio capable of producing an extremely realistic suzume, or sparrow, mask. Plenty cases of mammal masks are found on Internet, but avian masks were too few to select from.
In my pursuit of a competent producer, I came to know Zeppet, a wonderful studio. After having a close look at their exquisite masks created for a TV show, complete to the smallest details with bird feathers and furs, I commissioned the production without hesitation.

[2] Comments on Production Phase

Since the preproduction phase, the studio closely listened to my preferences on a remote basis. Instead of just listening to my stories, they answered my questions and made proposals each time.
Altogether, I visited the studio for two times, including the visit for fitting. The resulting product is satisfactory because the studio reflected my preferences in smallest details, such as ensuring and adjusting view.

[3] Comments on the completed product and delivery

The complete product is gradually filling me with the sense of satisfaction and positivity, as I appreciate it as something “worth ordering.”
Thank you very much.

[4] Feedbacks and comments on Zeppet

I will polish my sense further to maximize the mask’s attraction and to make another request in the future.

We at Zeppet welcome orders from individual clients, too.

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