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Individual orders

Want to create your own unique special modeling suit?
Want to place original sculptures at your home or store?
Want to create your own original character?
Want to create a statue of the company president?

We can bring your personal visions to life in modeling form, tailored to various purposes and budgets.

We offer completely original, custom-made special modeling that are not sold anywhere else.
With professional skills honed in movies and TV, we can model your vision into reality. Is it possible within your budget and vision? What kind of production is possible? We can provide design suggestions and proposals even from vague ideas, tailored to your budget. Please feel free to consult with us first.

Examples of possible modeling

  • Body Suits/Costume Suits/Masks

    From character costumes to realistic animal model suits, we can create a variety of costume suits. Based on the visual and budget you imagine, we will propose the best suit considering the balance of appearance and range of motion when materialized, combining ease of handling and durability for use after delivery.

  • Art Sculptures/Statues/Figures

    Our professional modeling creators at Zeppet will materialize your envisioned modeling in the most optimal form. Not only miniature figures but also full-scale metal statues and figures resembling real people can be created. *Please consult us in advance if you wish to request figure production for mass production and sales.

  • Real Animal Artworks "Animals As Art"

    We offer a series of real animal artworks "Animals As Art" utilizing the pinnacle of special modeling techniques. Currently, we handle two works: "Polar Bear Family" depicting a realistic sleeping posture and "Clone Wanko for creating artwork resembling your own dog on order. Please visit our site for more details.

  • 3D Modeling/3D Printing

    We have introduced high-precision, large-format 3D printers to the special modeling industry for the first time in-house. From the creation of 3D modeling data for figures and sculptures to output via 3D printer, we can accommodate your needs. Furthermore, we can create molds from the output models and replicate them into materials that cannot be printed, exceeding the usual printer services and responding to more specialized requests.

Production Examples

01Clone Wanko

Clone Wanko, our service to recreate lifelike copies of our clients’ pet dogs, produced a chihuahua, the beloved partner of the client. Based on photos of your beloved dog and records of its actual size, we faithfully reproduce the individuality of each dog. Claws, teeth, skin, and fur materials are all made from carefully selected high-quality materials, creating realistic animal artworks that closely resemble the real thing.


3,000,000 yen~

02Clone Wanko 

Featured on TV shows and magazines, becoming a hot topic!

We created a Toy Poodle for a client through "Clone Wanko." It was the very first "Clone Wanko" created, becoming a topic of conversation on the internet and TV at the start of the service, and was featured in numerous news programs and sites.


3,000,000 yen~

03Dog Model Suit (Collie)

Gained international attention and became a global news story!

We custom-made a dog suit for an individual client. The suit, modeled after a collie, pursues reality in its quadrupedal locomotion.


2,000,000 yen~

04Dog Model Suit
(Standard Poodle)

Dog Model Suit (Standard Poodle)

We received a request from an individual to create a dog costume. This costume is modeled after a standard poodle, realistically replicating the appearance of a dog walking on all fours, just like a real one.


2,000,000 yen~

05“Strawberry Chocolate Robot” Model Suit

We produced a model suit of an original character at the personal request of an individual client. We meticulously followed the design of the original illustration with materials specifically selected for different parts.


2,500,000 yen~

06Wolf Suit

We created a wolf suit for a personal order. Modeled on timber wolf, the complete suit turned out as a visually impactful reality.


3,000,000 yen~

07Black-Clear Skull Mech Mask

We made a skull-themed mask through digital modeling at a client’s personal request. Based on the rough sketch provided by the client, we directly took charge of the entire process – from design, 3D prototype production and output, molding, color painting and LED mounting to the preparation of an exclusive box to keep the mask. The black-clear skull part is translucent and illuminated from within. Each part is embedded with magnets and detachable.


6,660,000 yen~

08Costume suit of Neputevion

At the personal request of an individual customer, we produced a model suit of Neputevion, a giant robot inspired by Neputa in Saiten no Neputevion, an original fiction.

09Basketball goal mask

A mask of a basketball goal was made at the request of a private customer.

10Wolf Mask

We produced a wolf mask at a private request. The movable jaw gimmick allows the mask to render a wide variety of expressions. The wolf coat is a careful reproduction of the hue of genuine fur appearing in photos provided by the client. The custom-made mask is also designed to have a minimal weight.


1,400,000 yen~

11Sparrow Mask

We produced a sparrow mask at a personal request. To reflect the client’s request to make it look like a traveler, we created something to go with the Japanese wear and a traditional sedge hat the client has prepared.

12Horse Figure

For the wedding reception venue, a welcome figure of the beloved horse cherished by the couple was created upon their request. The figure was crafted to approximately 1/6th the size of the actual horse, based on numerous provided photos and measurements. The mane was made using hair material, while other parts were sculpted to replicate the flow of the fur. The shape and color of each part were meticulously replicated, ensuring they reflect the unique characteristics of the horse, with constant confirmation from the client.


1,000,000 yen~

*Although we take orders from clients very seriously and fully commit ourselves to our task, we often receive inquiries and orders severely lacking specificity or placed just for fun due to the nature of our service. Please note that we suspend our correspondence or service if we find an order or inquiry as merely curiosity-based or too unrealistic.

*For individual clients, we are generally unable to accept requests for the creation of works related to copyrighted materials owned by third parties. Please consult with us if you have obtained authorization (in official writing) to use copyrighted works from the rights holder.

Payment Methods

*Due to the high cost of special modeling production for personal orders, we offer two types of payment methods.

  • Remittance

    We will send you an invoice. Please transfer the payment.

  • Credit Card Payment

    Accepted cards: VISA/MASTER/AMEX

We accept a wide range of genres regardless of the price. Please feel free to consult with us first.