Artistic Animal Model < Clone Wanko >

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BLAST launched < Clone Wanko >, an original service to custom-make artistic animal models that looks identical to the clients’ beloved dogs.
At the release of the realistic polar bear art from < Animals As Art > series, we received requests from people who wish to “revive the image of the deceased dog” they loved, which became the inspiration for the service.

Based on the photos and sizes of a dog, we produce an ultimate likeness of the beloved pet by carefully preparing the right texture, color, length, and volume of the hair, different hair materials for different parts of the body, silicon skin made from our original composition, nails with attention to safety, unique eye colors, etc.
Zeppet, the special modeling studio, exerts its finest expertise in special modeling techniques to reproduce a lifelike figure identical to your beloved dog.

We take orders from our official website.

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■ Category                    : Special modeling <Artistic animal model>
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■ Production period : Approx. 3 months